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Apr 18, 2019 - 1 minute read - school

CIS 693 Week6

VPN simplicity

While there are many tools for large companies to setup VPN services for their employees the tools available to individuals or small companies are not as common. Several tools that I have tried on Linux servers to be able to connect from remote machines such as laptops, or cell phones are IPSEC, OpenVPN, & Wireguard. By far the hardest to setup and configure was IPSec using Strongswan, However this also had the highest cross-platform compatability as the standard has been around for years and clients exist as part of the OS on most devices from Apple iOS to Android, Windows & Linux.

OpenVPN,, has been quite simple to setup and configure compared with IPSec and is a mature and stable open source option that has clients for all major platforms and has many different configuration options.

The last VPN I have setup and the one I currently use the most often is Wireguard, , which aims to be simple and secure. The setup and configuration has proven to be quite simple and straightforward , however it has not yet achieved a stable release as of yet and client support is currently officially limited to macOS, Linux, Android and Apple iOS.