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Mar 15, 2019 - 1 minute read - school

CIS 693

First CIS-693 post

I am David and am currently in my last semester towards my Masters in Information Security and for my capstone course will be blogging throughout the semester.

In the past I have focused most of my security education and efforts around the practical & technical application of security with systems administration. I have always found the security aspect of computing to be fascinating, and like to dig into a technology and get hands on to find out the best way to deploy and secure it, such as using TLS or locking a system down.

I am hoping to come out of this class with a deeper understanding around the communicating this information to a wider audience and learning more about the management and higher level of security. Such as risk managment or and making sure everyone in an organization understands the need for security.

So far this blog has just been short snippets documenting items I want to remember for easy access in the future.